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I began with a bead - an original, colorful, bold bead that was looking for a setting.  BLDesigned grew from there to personally imagine, create and build chokers, bracelets, key chains, lanyards, belts, earrings, necklaces and something called a "b-loop."  Each day since I start with an idea, a picture that I design, beginning with a bit of lampwork glass, Kazuri or Samunnat bead, or maybe just a metal accent and perhaps a charm and the new piece of jewelry takes shape. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see where you can get your hands on what I come up with next.  And my name is Barbara - that's the "B" in BLDesigned!

A piece of jewelry or any accessory can be so much more than just an ornament, a decoration; they can be an expression of how you feel or even who you want to be on any day.  They are the final word or punctuation to a thought or sensation.  You should be bold and let your choice of "accent" speak out.  

Our Vision

It begins with unique colors, glass, clay, metals and leather. They all take shape in the imagination and then the hands build and cut and shape into bold pieces to be worn with pleasure. 

Taking Shape

Be Bold
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